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S U R F  C I T Y  C Y C L E R Y / S T E R L I N G  B M W  T E A M

My first time ever shooting road cycling and it happened to be with the best cycling team on the west coast during their training ride for the 2014 race season. The night before i spent hours studying pictures of Tour de France to better prepair myself for the next morning. Like i said, I've never shot such a thing and i had to do this hanging outside of moving vehicle. So there for, i had to get this done safely and accuratley. The best part about this shoot was it still kept me tied to my love for two wheels. I've alwasy wanted to get into shooting road biking and this was a perfect opportunity knocking at the door. Thanks to Mike Faello and the rest of the guys for making me feel like part of the family but most of thank you for this awesome opportunity. 2014 is one to remember with you all!

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